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"We Care About Our Community"
Business Partners

We're committed to community service and want the world to know! If you and your business share our passion for making our community a better place to live, we'd love to team with you ... the benefits are many!

We've created several programs to provide a win -- win -- WIN for your business, PBJ, and the community as a whole, summarized below
(for a detailed, downloadable summary of these programs, please click here):

         We Care Coupons
  • You and PBJ together design a "We Care" coupon offering a discount or incentive to visit your business.

  • PBJ distributes these on behalf of your business to send new customers to your door or website.

  • Based on the number of coupons collected, you make a monthly or quarterly tax-deductible donation to PBJ.

         Koins for Kitties
  • PBJ provides a kitty bank for you to use on your checkout counter to collect spare change from your customers, along with a countertop sign explaining the program and take-away thank-you cards.

             Hang a Heart
  • As customers check out, your cashier asks if they would like to purchase a heart in honor/memory of their beloved pet, friend or family member to support PBJ.

  • For a $10 donation, a heart will be hung at our Catnip Haven™ cage-free adoption venue or in your establishment.
         Virtual Foster (TM) 
  • If your business is unable to physically foster an animal in your space, we offer you a way to "virtually" foster a PBJ cat by making a $250 donation, which covers the average cost of veterinary care for one of our animals.

  • In return, we provide you with a framed Community Service Award to proudly display your participation in our Virtual Foster program.

       Blue Ribbon Award
  • Given to any business participating in our Fundraise for a Paws campaign.

       Round Up for Rescue
  • As your customers check out, your cashier asks if they would like to round up to the nearest dollar to support our rescue.

  • We provide a countertop sign explaining the program and take-away thank-you cards.

  • Once a month/quarter, the total collected is paid as a tax-deductible donation to PBJ.

Each business below has kindly partnered with PBJ in caring for our community.

To find out which We Care program a business supports, please note the
program symbol(s) below each business.

These businesses care!
Click any logo to visit their website

Pattigene Long
Independent Sales Director
Mary Kay, Inc.
Fairfax, VA

Taschler Spine & Rehab
Fairfax, VA

Paint Your Own Pottery
Fairfax, VA

Pet Supplies Plus
Fairfax, VA

Fischer Family and
Cosmetic Dentistry

Centreville, VA

Spartans Family

Burke, VA

The Rabbit Hole

Harpers Ferry, WV

Ace Hardware

Fairfax, VA

Click on any of the coupon symbols above to view a printable "We Care" coupon
for that business

Interested in making a difference in your community?

Want to feel good about doing good?

Let's join forces to get you started running a We Care program at your establishment.

If you are a business owner/manager and would like to find out more on how to become a
We Care Partner, please click here to start a conversation with us.

Kind regards,

Jacquie Barker
Founder and Executive Director